Data Backup

All data backup is not created equal…

When is the last time you tested your data backup system?  Are you 100% confident you could restore all data if there was a need to do so due to virus infection, fire/water damage, theft, natural disaster, or some other unforeseen event?  How long would it take?

We implement comprehensive data backup systems using a combination of the following:

  • The best software technology that allows for application-aware, image based backups for full point-in-time recovery.
  • Daily monitoring to ensure all backups are completed successfully.
  • Our own secure storage infrastructure located in a top tier data center.
  • Testing backups on a regular basis with a restore.

The investment we made in our storage infrastructure and data center allows us to deliver robust backup solutions at a reasonable cost.

Let us help you implement a custom backup system appropriate for your business’s requirements.  When it’s time to restore data, we’ll make sure we can meet your RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) with our comprehensive solution.