Cloud Services

The cloud offers delivery of convenient, robust and scalable IT solutions.  Before choosing a public cloud services or service provider, it’s important that research and due diligence is completed.  We’ve seen many companies offer cloud services that eliminate them because they were not profitable or not adopted as widely as expected.

We’re able to offer the benefits of cloud services from our private/hybrid cloud infrastructure which provides many benefits to our customers:

  • Services tailored to your business’s unique requirements.
  • Ability to deliver ultra fast performance, large amounts of storage and other solutions not practical in the public cloud.
  • Highly reliable, delivered from top-tier (Tier 4) data center with end-to-end redundancy.
  • Geographically located in close proximity to your physical office.

Our private, hybrid cloud services include:

  • E-mail Security/Spam Filtering
  • VoIP Telephony
  • Dedicated Servers (Web, Remote Desktop, File, Application)
  • Colocated Servers

Please contact us so we can discuss how our private cloud might add value to your business.