VoIP Telephony

VoIP telephony provides many benefits over traditional analog or digital phone systems (PBX). Some of the benefits include: Cost savings of up to 80%. Extreme flexibility. Plug in your phone anywhere with internet access and use it wherever you are. If you have multiple offices, no need for multiple phone systems. VoIP allows multiple locations


Data Backup

All data backup is not created equal… When is the last time you tested your data backup system? Are you 100% confident you could restore all data if there was a need to do so due to virus infection, fire/water damage, theft, natural disaster, or some other unforeseen event? How long would it take? We


IT Consulting

Although we serve as the “external IT Department” and provide end to end management for many customers, several others have internal IT team members. Even if you have existing IT in place, we’re able to provide several resources to help…


Cloud Services

The cloud offers delivery of convenient, robust and scalable IT solutions. Before choosing a public cloud services or service provider, it’s important that research and due diligence is completed. We’ve seen many companies offer cloud services that eliminate them because they were not profitable or not adopted as widely as expected. We’re able to offer


Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services plan is designed to cover all aspects of technology as it relates to your business. We take ownership in what we do and add value to your business by keeping your systems working and available. IT Advisor and Technology Consultant. Unlimited help desk via phone, e-mail and remote-control. Data backup systems


IT Security

Viruses used to be annoying nuisances, but with the advent of a new category of viruses called ransomware in late 2013, the game changed. IT security in 2016 requires a multi-layered approach.

“Every minute, we are seeing about half a million attack attempts that are happening in cyber space.”

Derek Manky, Fortinet global security strategist

Click below to read more about our “7 Layer Burrito” approach to protecting your network and data.